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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

midnight potty break

after i checked on the kids and covered them all up i went back to my room and then noticed the hall bathroom light on. i went to see who was up. elyssa was sitting on the potty wiping,+- eyes closed. she stood up and flushed and put her hands tightly over her ears (eyes still shut). then turned to wash her hands, dried them, turned off the light and stumbled back to bed (eyes still shut) ... i walked toward her room and the floor squeaked - she was on her bed when she heard the floor ... she looked at the door to see who (or what maybe? ) was coming into her room. i came in and asked her if she was ok. "yeah.", she said and laid down, covered herself up and went back to sleep ... silly girl.

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aliciadiane said...

funny! mad skills 'lyssa!