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Thursday, January 31, 2008

this is my year ...

i have been saying that for some time now ... well, 31 days-ish. this is the year that i will make food for dinner. real food. people food. not kid-friendly all the time. food that i want to eat - that looks so tasty in the pictures of my magazines and cook books and may or may not be actually tasty ... but 'this is my year' to cook!
so yesterday i found this yummy looking [easy] recipe in one of my kraft food magazines - i was tipped off by my good friend Kedra, she gets the same magazine. so i went looking thru all my past issues and found a few that i really want to try [read as: that seem easy enough]!
now i'm wishing that i spent more time watching my mom cook because i feel like an idiot calling her to ask how to make white sauce or 'how does one mince garlic'. i called my sister to ask what a 'clove' of garlic was ... DUH!
long story short ... my pictures aren't as 'beautiful' as the ones in the magazine - that inticed me to try it out ... but it was YUMMY - and really ... that's all that matters!

(my other problem is what to serve with it??)
not 'pretty' but tasty!!
see ... even Ammon ate it ... he's not my biggest challenge though!


aliciadiane said...

If you only had pictures of Abi throwing a fit before wating it...good job, I am proud of you even though your kids are poor sports. Love ya!

nicki said...

That looks delish! I wonder how many weight watchers points it would be...

Ammon is hilarious! It looks like he's going to slurp up one little kernel of corn.

I'm so impressed that you're making this effort - I know it's going to be difficult, but you (and they) can do it!

iamjennycook said...

Hooray for real food! No more "orange food only" days, macoroni and cheese, dinosaur nuggets (atleast on a regular basis!) Go Emily!