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Saturday, January 12, 2008

top 10 reasons to shop at Costco

(i copied this picture from the internet - i didn't take it with my new camera!)

10. the employees are helpful friendly people.
9. the GREAT prices and coupons.
8. they brought back Tree Top Applesauce in the big tubs ... just because i put in a request a few times!
7. milk is 1/2 the price it is at the grocery store.
6. cheapest (and yummy) family dinner/date ever!
5. smorgasbord of samples offered from 11 - 2 for saturday's lunch!
4. 2 movie tickets for $14.99
3. their gas prices are always 1 cent less than safeway
2. christmas starts Oct. 1st!!

and the #1 reason - quite possibly the ONLY reason i buy anything at Costco ...
their return policy - because when you work so hard to earn money to buy yourself a new camera, the camera that you have saved for and picked out and had your eye on for so long and then you go and buy it and take a few pictures with it, threaten your children with dismemberment if they even think about touching it, keep it in the special cover it came with and guard it with your life, take a few more pictures with it and while shooting your darling baby boy DROP IT causing irreparable damage to the zoom and shutter ... (after only owning it for 6 days!!) they will find it in their BIG ol' hearts to take pity on you for your honesty, and refund your hard earned cash so that you can buy another one. {that you will take even better care of and NEVER use without first putting the wrist strap around your arm!}

Thank you

You're the BEST!!


Super Angie said...

YEA! Glad you had good luck with your camera. The Costco folks down here, while generally are very nice, didn't want to exchange me on my broken camera (while changing the card, the door on it broke). The camera guy said yes to the exchange, but the lady at the exchange counter said NO WAY because I didn't have all the wrappings, and wires that came in the original box. Bah humbug!

BUT, I am very happy for you and I agree with everything else on your list--Costco is the only place we shop.

Nicki said...

I was so sad to hear that your camera had been broken! All that hard work! And hooray for Costco, the Nordstrom of SAHMs!

iamjennycook said...

You also need the Hallelujah chorus to pop up along with this blog title! I am missing my Costco shopping days. It is just pure heavenly comfort that surrounds me as I enter through those doors... one day it will return to my neck of the woods (this summer in pocatello is the my latest confirmation!! Yeeeeeah!)