i've been counting down since last Dec 26 ... are you ready? me neither!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

the rest of the fantasy ...

our first pic in paradise

our first pic in front of the ocean.
a wave came up behind us just after we had the pic taken and soaked andy's shoes
not. happy.

Pearl Harbor Memorial
what a sacred and emotionally moving place

we spent the whole day at the Polynesian Cultural Center
Luau, show, dinner, tour of the temple grounds ...
it was magical!

Andy got to join the Samoan man on stage
to drink some of the coconut water!

the International Market Place
the best place to barter for good stuff!!

our ocean view balcony

our last sunset
so beautiful!

we sat on the beach and watched the sunset ...

the parrot man put the birds on us, took our picture
and then asked for some money ...
sorry dude, i only have coins!
and he DIDN'T want them!!

beautiful and fragrant plumeria tree right outside our hotel!

Hanauma Bay

we snorkeled in the salty water at Hanauma Bay

we saw a turtle!!
and took some underwater pictures ...
that didn't do the colors justice!

one last touch from the warm Hawaiian ocean
I honestly still can not believe that in reality, not just my fantasy world, we went to Hawaii!!  Our short stay in paradise was fantastic ... dreamy ... out of this world!  I have so many more pictures ... mostly as proof that it actually happened.  Andy promised that he would take me back again someday
and for now, that promise seems far away, but someday we'll get back there. 


Julie Tegeder said...

wow,so jealous!

Aunt Vanee' said...

Emily, You are so blessed. I have never been to Hawaii....but hopefully, someday, before I'm using a walker it will happen. I've heard walkers are so tough to push through the sand..
Thanks for reminding me that Dreams and Wishes do come true.

Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

oh my gosh! Looks like a fabulous trip! :)