i've been counting down since last Dec 26 ... are you ready? me neither!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ammon's first day of pre-preschool!

because of his birthday, ammon has 2 more years until kindergarten ... but we were invited to join a co-op preschool and decided 'heck, why not!' so every wednesday morning he'll be spending 2 hours at school - cuz he's '... ready to learn to get some knowledge.'

headed off to:

after some opening 'business' ie: the pledge of alligence, question of the day and show and tell

it was time for some Color BINGO!

then some writing practice

story time ...

and of course some snack ...

and then the real fun began!!

isn't it cool how even games are learning activities! they were working on left and right and following instructions ... and the parachute ... it was just plain fun!!
i stayed to observe his first day - since i'll be a teacher at some point i thought i better get a good idea of what will be expected of me ... ammon kept telling me that i could leave (now)!! i think he'll do just fine without me ... but i'm not so sure how i'll be without him! so ... here's to school and all the cheers and tears that come along with it!


iamjennycook said...

I have heard co-op's are great, alot of girls do that around here. I still think they are all BRAVE, as are you. He looks like such a big boy! (sniff!) But how fun!

Colleen said...

Awww! I love Everett 4th Ward! What a fun day and a great group of preschoolers! I did this with Zach for his first year of preschool with some other moms from the spouse's association for Adam's MBA program. Zach and I loved it! I know you will.

Jennalee said...

Ammon, I was wondering the same thing...when's she gonna leave??? :) but I suppose you'll want a look at what adding a few more small ones for several hours to your life will look like ;) good luck! looks like fun! I'm sure you have the curriculum already but how great is having the internet when you're trying to do something like this? :)