i've been counting down since last Dec 26 ... are you ready? me neither!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

septem-burrr?? nope, nope!

so far this year's 'bers' are making us say ahhhh! (sept., oct, nov., dec. - get it? they all say burrr at the end ... cuz they're cold months ... i know ... cute huh! but lest you think i'm that clever it was totally plagiarized - i saw it last year on someboy else's blog - so if i stole it from you - don't feel ripped off, 'imitation is best form of flattery' ... right? {smile})

in fact ... it's been SO nice that the girls have been asking to

and ...

what makes this so great?? i get a workout (cuz sometimes the hills are just too much and i have to carry his bike and he rides in the stroller) and have fun in the sun at the same time!!


ps ... he totally picked out his own clothes today ...

and i couldn't talk him out of the boots!!


Kedra Simpson said...

I am glad that September is still aaahhh and buurrrr! Because I will be spending yet another winter close to home due to a new born. its nice to get out now while I feel like I can.Oh, and I love the boots!!

Jen said...

Its great that it is so nice during the day but i like the crispness in the air at night.

Melessa said...

Thank you for so tactfully pointing out my typo. I fixed it and gave you the credit. I've visited Washington state on and off throughout my life and spent full summers here as a teenager, so I think I was a little taken aback to find anyone rude here-even a drunken college kid, and we have those in abundance at OU too.

You would think that I would eventually learn not to blog after bedtime, but obviously I haven't yet. Love to you and the rest of the classy Husky fans I met yesterday.