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Monday, September 29, 2008

back in august - playing catch-up a little ...

have you ever been finally going thru your old pictures and discovered that you neglected to share some pretty cute ones ... and then decided that you might as well since you're so totally behind in blogging!? that's what i did today ... well for a few minutes anyway!

on august 26th we met some friends at the grasslawn park in kirkland

it's a pretty fun park! lots to climb on and great swings! the big blue slide is only accessed by a rope web/climber thing that i got to help easton up a few times!
and nothing draws a crowd like 'worker mans'
(as ammon calls them)

how many worker mans does it take to fix a merry-go-round??
it doesn't really matter since they are entertainment for all the kids at the park!!

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Super Angie said...

Oh I miss Grasslawn!!!!