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Monday, August 23, 2010

a few things you should know about the four year old in our house ...

seriously ... is this kid cute or what!?
1: he knows he's cute ... he is told how cute he is on a regular basis (and not just by his mommy) and he tries to get away with things because he is so cute.

2: he loves his mommy. he wants me to lay by him for a few minutes each night and we usually sing a song or two together. he likes to hold my hand - everywhere we go. he kisses me, on the lips sometimes ... not gross - sweet and slobbery ..., on the cheek, on the forehead, butterfly kisses on my nose ... he's my little charmer.

3: he has uncanny balance. this kid was riding a 2 wheeler bike at 2 years old! he got a new yellow bike for his birthday and LOVES it! he roller blades and not just around in a circle at the skate deck ... he jumps, steps up onto the carpet without falling and wins races!! he can kick his skateboard up our sloped drive way, jump on with both feet and ride it down the driveway! he's amazing - all self taught ... we did not help/force him ... he is totally athletic!

4: he still sucks his left ring finger backwards (palm out) and loves his taggie!

5: he's starting preschool this september! whenever we talk about him going off to school he makes sure that i remember that he will come back home. he's not going to stay at school - 'just like ammon did' he says.

6: he loves to sing! he knows lots of songs (mostly christmas and primary) and most of the right words!

7: he's a pouter! if he doesn't get what he wants he usually shouts: "Darn!" folds his arms or flops on the ground or kicks things ... i usually ignore it ... but sometimes have to stop myself from laughing in his face! his pouty face is pretty 'darn' cute!

8: he's the size of a 5 and 1/2 year old. he's always been big ... and he seems to be keeping a steady pace. look out ... he wants to play football and we're gonna let him - that is unless he's really good at something else and changes his mind ... we'll let him decide but he's gonna be a BIG kid and coaches are going to LOVE him!

9: he's a really good friend. he's always looking out for people, sticking up for his friends. he likes to play with everybody! he's nice and friendly and likes to include people and doesn't care/doesn't notice the difference between boys and girls! friends are friends!

10: he's four today! i can't believe it! my baby is getting so big! but he'll always be my baby!!

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