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Friday, August 27, 2010

i'd like to make a call ...

instead of camping thursday night we took the kids to alderwood mall and had dinner in the food court ... we had some coupons from our entertainment book to use and so we made a night of it!

we also had a history lesson ...

this is something my kids have never seen before ... they have never watched me use one ... and have not had the opportunity to use ever in their young lives. 

15 yrs ago who knew the pay phone would be a relic/obsolete/archaic!? 

you mean people used to have to pull over at a gas station or 7-11 to use the phone on the road?
you mean you didn't have a phone in your car? or in your pocket?  or in your purse?
you mean you had to put coins in the phone?
a quarter?! (it's 2 quarters now!)

it was a fun little field trip!

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