i've been counting down since last Dec 26 ... are you ready? me neither!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

ocean shores = a place i'd like to go again - real soon!

it was a very welcome quick get away!

note to self ... the jetta isn't a jeep ...
stay on solid ground!

such a blessing that the North Beach Towing truck happened by!

the weather was fabulous ..
and there were hundreds of kites riding the warmish ocean breeze

the last time these shoes were in this ocean
the sand was softer, lighter color and the water was much warmer ...
hard to believe it was the same ocean!

tourists were out in force ... and driving on the stable sand :o)

and we were happy to have a few hours in the sun
(even if it was a work trip)


Amanda said...

Ocean Shores is such a great place to relax! My inlaws have a home there--so we go once every few months. (Usually more in the summer.) I've only seen the beach that crowded when the Sand Castle contest is in full swing.

Colleen said...

I know those shoes! I have a pair from Adam and my honeymoon in Hawaii! We were in Ocean Shores this summer too. So PRETTY. Isn't a rad place? We drove down the beach in a BMW and a Caddie...fortunately we stuck to the hard parts. Glad you two had some time together!