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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shopping advice - long distance.

since my fashion conscious bff moved away i have somewhat shied away from shopping (except for the basics, of course) and worried that i might be stuck in my same-old same-old for way too long... until i discovered that i could still get fashion advice via photo-text!! 
it all started with these ... remember??

then it was a decision between purple and pink-ish ... (btw: pink-ish won ... but needs accesories)
and tonight at fred meyer i tried on this little number ...
and since TX is 2 hours ahead i'm still waiting on a verdict ...
but i purchased anyway ... on the off-chance that i get the thumbs up!
(only if they aren't hurtful - and imagine a purple or tangerine cardigan over those skinny upper arms ... )

update on the 'little number':
i decided it was too loud and i couldn't pull it off
even before i got the big NO from the superior powers that be

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