i've been counting down since last Dec 26 ... are you ready? me neither!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

making up new words ...

but let's face it ... these 2 campers
would have a hard time
without these 2 campers
o what do you do in the summer time
when all the world is gray?
do you sit on your bum
and watch shows that are dumb
while the summer days all fly away??
is that what you do? 
unforturnately so do we!

o what do you do in the summer time
when all the ground is wet?
do you get ready for camp
wish things weren't so damp
and pray the clouds would dry up and go away??
is that what you do?
come back and do ShawWright Labor Day Campout with us!!

it was our plan to go camping today ...
but now it's raining ...

rain, rain go away ...
come again when autumn is here
summer's supposed to be sunny and warm
so we can go camping with all our gear
rain, rain go away!!


Colleen said...

I'll try to send you some of our sun! We could use some rain here, so maybe we could do a swap, just for a bit.

nicki said...

:( I'd say that I would ABSOLUTELY love to come camping with you in the rain...

I would be a big, fat liar. Actually, if it meant I got to see you...