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Saturday, August 28, 2010

we went to the ward campout!

we did it ... we had a nice sleep in our nice warm beds and after the rains came down and there wasn't a flood we decided to pack up the tent, sleeping bags, our huge air mattress, some sweatshirts, s'more stuff, our bikes and a few snacks and hit the road ...

we made a stop at the bowling alley - bowled a few games with our 'extended family', the quigleys (minus their dad)...

and then made our way to cascade park!

we decided not to bring all our gear so after setting up camp and taking a quick polar dip in the river, we drove up the road to granite falls for dinner at mcdonalds and then came back to cascade for a program put on by the activities commitee and the bishop. then the quigley's showed up and we had ourselves some s'mores!!

in the morning, i made a fire, we had chocolate chip pancakes provided by our fantastic ward people, helped them clean up and pack up, pumped up our raft, 'mostly' packed up, donned our swimsuits and life jackets and headed down to the river - it was still freezing (btw) - after we were numb from the neck down (or the neck up as the case may be... ) we decided our camping trip was over and loaded in the rest of our stuff, changed back into our dirty clothes and came home!

it was so fun! for real.

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