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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the many faces of me ...

I use picasa 3 to make my collages and just discovered that it has facial recognition and will categorize all the faces ... and then try to match the rest of the faces in all the pictures you've got on your computer ... it's amazing ... and entertaining - sometimes it recognizes eatson's face as mine ... elyssa has shown up in my queue as well!  guess my kids do look like me!  i only have 3,522 unnamed faces to deal with ... it's been fun and funny going thru all the pictures i have ... the best is getting to see all the faces of me ... andy, abi, elyssa, ammon, easton - the baby ones, the crying ones, the cheese-ing ones, and the laughing ones! 

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Jennalee said...

love love! I need a print out of this!