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Friday, January 22, 2010

after many long years ...

Andy has spent many hours ... days, nights and all-nighters even ... at the skate deck. He practically grew up there. He is quite comfortable gliding on the smooth wood floor and even now as a grown-up, he's still able to skate backward and in circles around his wabbly-legged-not-as-comfortable-with-wheels-on wife. I never knew him as a teenager but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have given him a second glance back-in-the-day ... he was truly a skater-dude. That being said, I have been watching him skate these past few times that we've been there, in awe and loving the fact that he's just that good! (and looks good doing it!) Here's the problem: the skate deck has had the same skates for rent for the past 30 some-odd years! Andy has been skating there for at least 20 years (gasp!), renting their same old speed skates, getting blisters from the not so comfortable, not so snug fitting, wonky-soled skates.


Andy is the proud owner of his very own Riedell Speed Skates!

(It's hard to believe that this is his very first pair he's ever owned!)

Happy early Birthday!!

Now who wants to go skating?

{added at 11:30pm}

He took them out for a maiden voyage tonight ...
after Monday, Thursday and Friday night skates
legs are sore and out of practice ...
I foresee more dates at the Skate Deck!!
Seriously, who wants to join us?! ANYBODY!?

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JENNY said...

totally reading the blog.... yeah you're alive. and still so very inspiring. I wish I could be you for just a day...I would download at least the book of mormon folder of knowledge you have in that brain.