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Saturday, January 16, 2010

GO Blue Whales! GO Bulldogs!

See that number 1?? That's our star football ...er... basketball player! He runs, he dribbles (sort of), he blocks, he shoots ... he scores(?!) not so much - but he sure looks cute doing it ... and he only shot at the wrong basket twice! It gets so confusing you know, when all the kids are chasing you as you carry the basketball in a football hold ... stiff-arming the competition and your own team mates down the court! Parents and siblings cheering and shouting, "Run! Get the ball! Shoot it! No, the other way! Arms up! Get the ball! Run!!" No wonder he was ready for a drink and a time out 3 minutes into the first quarter!!

Funniest thing I have seen in a while - well this sports season anyway!

And this guy ... he can do it all! Run, dribble (sort of), guard, shoot, and he scores! He's the smilely-est kid on the court! He's just happy to be here and played almost the whole game! Sweaty kid! What a fun way to spend 2 hours today!

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Angie said...

Rachel was playing a game at the same time. We were in the middle so we watched a bit of Ammon's game too. It was hilarious!