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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday is a special day ...

it's the day we get Christmas all put away!
We moved things around in the attic - got down things to donate to the Y and put all the Christmas boxes up! And - shocker - there's so much room up there when it's organized. Now if the organization could rain from above and cause the rest of the house to have everything have a place and be in it's place ... that would be lovely!

After we descended the attic ... we rushed (with 1 grandma, 1 granny and 1 papa) to the boys games ... that were at the exact same time on either side of the curtain drawn to make the full size court into 2 kid size courts! so fun! and FUNNY!

Tonight we went with our ward to the temple and were blessed with the opportunity to do sealings. What beautiful blessings are promised to those who are sealed! And the best part ... we were among friends! (and we all went out to dinner together after! the fun part!)

Here's to good days, great friends and wonderful babysitters that make it all possible!!

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