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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the lunchbox mystery ...

Since we returned to school from Christmas, Abi's lunch box has gone missing TWICE! The first time I got upset with her ... thinking that she lost it, put it in the wrong box to be returned to her classroom ... or she maybe had lost it in her locker?? I got after her to look for it and she has yet to find it. Then today she was upset when I picked her up from school. She said that she put her lunch box in her locker (this was confirmed by her friends, whose lockers flank hers) and when she went to get it for lunch time ... it was missing! Mind you, these elementary lockers are not locked ... they are simply a glorified cubby with a door. Anyone could have walked by and looked in there and decided to swipe her yummy lunch containing a devil's food cake mix cookie - lovingly made for her by her dad! This is a problem! I emailed her school teacher to that effect and I'm hoping that something will be done! Especially since she is so upset about it AND she had to 'borrow' a lunch today and pay back the school tomorrow! She didn't call me because she thought I'd be mad!

OH NO!! I'm writing this down so that I am held accountable ... I never want this to happen again - not the lunch box missing thing (well I don't want that to happen anymore either ...) - I don't want my kids to be afraid to tell me things for fear that I'll be upset with them!!

I remember going to a Time Out For Women where Emily Watts spoke - she's quite hilarious to listen to ... not stand-up-comic hilarious, real-life-no-holds-barred hilarious! She talked about parenting and said something that hit home: "Heavenly Father loves your children as much as you do, even more possibly - He doesn't get provoked ... "

In my every effort to be more like my Heavenly Father, I need to add 'not easily provoked' ... I shout too much ... the first step is to admit you have a problem ... I recognize that I need to do something about it! I'm going to start praying for help and start whispering more! Wish me luck - and check up on me! I need the help!

BTW: the second missing lunchbox has been found ...
it never did make it to school -
it was on the floor in the living room the whole time!
Embarrassing - I sent a witty and blistering email to the teacher
about Abi needing to feel safe at school!!
Note to self: stop overreacting ... stop and think before making rash and blanket statements!!


The Nedrys said...

Teachers need to get emails every once in awhile from concerned parents...it's good for them. Plus, they secretyly like it because it shows that there are actually parents who care and pay attention...so don't worry about finding the first one. What she doesn't know won't hurt her anyway!

I am so happy you are back as I enjoy reading your thoughts. I really like that part about HF not being provoked. I hadn't thought about it that way before and it really hit me. I am going to try to remember that every day with my crazy little punk!

Welcome back! With lots of love from the other Emily ;)

Chalonn said...

I'm glad you're back to blogging too...you are so funny! I love this post because it's REAL! We all need to be a little better :-) I love your comments!