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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

and the calendar fills up

t-ball practice, early dismissal, preschool graduation, end of the year parties, t-ball games, meetings, and kindergarten orientation ... my calendar is full to the brim. i have something on every single day, aside from glorious thursday the 17th ... but give it a minute and someone will put something there!

this coming saturday is stacked ... from 8am to way into the night we have planned out the entire day ... every hour is accounted for! we are even double and triple booked a few hours and will have to divide and conquer and even bring in reinforcements for the t-ball games! it's going to be a busy day ... thank heaven for sunday - it will be a literal day of rest for us!

the only problem with the upcoming filled up week is the fact that when you have lots to do, time flies ... and in 7 days our best friends will be hittin' the road - high tailing it to Texas ... without us. the more i think about it the less glorious the 17th gets.

but i'm a supportive friend ... i help with packing (even though everything that's in me wants to sabotage the entire process!), i say things like "i'm so happy for you!" (and i try to mean it!), and i make time in my full up calendar to be there for whatever they need. that's just how i roll.

if you have a second or two, would you say a little prayer for me ... the catharsis that i started a few days ago ... might be the beginning of a too short busy week ... ending abruptly with a wave 'goodbye' that really just means 'see ya later' and i hope truly means 'see ya soon!'

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nicki said...

It really truly means 'see ya soon'. It also means getcher butt in gear and COME WITH ME!! :(