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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

what has 14 busy legs and 70 grimy fingers?

and even after repeated instructions doesn't use the 14 ears it has!?

the shaw-wright group hug monster!!

one last shaw-wright in washington together shot

and then they backed up

and drove away with our boat and best friends ...
After many long years and many more to come we say 'see ya later' and 'we're not going to cry' and 'fine, just leave then!' with every bit of love and heart ache that we can muster. but we also say: "make room for us - cuz we've just got a few loose ends to tie up around these parts and we'll mosey on down join you in the wide open spaces of the great state of texas. we love ya!"

and after all that ... here's our texting conversation:

N: I change my mind
E: Don't tease me (i was thinking she changed her mind about moving ... but it was about crying ...)
N: Sad
E: :'(
N: Trying not to ugly cry
N: Throat hurts
E: Too late for me
N: Hope we're doing the right thing
E: Stop it ... I am banking on u staying there!
N: We will if we can stand being away!
E: Ur the leader
E: We're just late as usual
N: Thanks so much for the kids stuff. They're SO excited
E: Goodie bags are essential
N: Lol
N: We'll get texas ready for you
E: K ... But really ... Is anywhere really ever ready for the party?
N: As ready as it'll ever be!
E: Now that i think about it ... I should have given trav a mighty mouse too ... He's more than just a stud muffin
N: Now that would be funny
E: I'll have to get him one :-}
E: He cried ... He really likes us!!
N: Of course he does
E: I know ... ;-)
N: Did Andy? Probably not ...
E: He's teary
N: :'(
E: My tears keep coming in waves
N: I think it's going to b that way for a while!!
N: Weeks maybe. Or until u come?
E: Probably ...
We'll be there before we both know it!

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