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Monday, June 14, 2010

bye bye boys ...

today just as the girls got out of school we picked them up and headed up to the wright boy's going away party ... it was b.y.o. dinner and something to share.  we brought mcdonalds and cookies, a lot of them!  we dropped our dad off to help trav with more loading and went to join the party!  it was fun for the kids to have a break and to get a chance to say goodbye. 
after the festivities died down (partly because it was getting late ... and partly because it started to spit on us) we went back to their house and finished a few things, packed up some knick knacks and taped up some boxes.  it's getting down to the wire ... the time is fast approaching that these friends of ours will be driving away ... far far away. 
tomorrow is going to be a busy day of last minutes and hurry get things dones and i figured it would be a whole lot easier if they were not distracted by little people.  so i sneaked boys number 2 & 3 into my car, double buckled and my oldest on the floor and took off! (lest you think i'm not nice ... their oldest had school to attend ... )  7 kids and 2 adults in a 7 passenger van ... no problem!  we bedded down for the night with 2 boys in each of the bunk beds and after a little bit of "shhh, time to sleep" and "lay down and close your eyes" they were out.

ahh friends. 

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