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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"sunshine, lollipops and rainbows"

remember that old song? well ... i'm all better today
- partly because i promised i would be and partly because 'i'm in love to stay' and partly because the sun shone bright in the sky today and partly because i got to punch and kick out my aggression in kick boxing class this morning but mostly because i got to take a nap in the sunshine coming thru my sliding glass door. i am not a cat lover nor do i like the idea that i am, in any way, similar to a cat ... but i love a good warm spot on the carpet to curl up in!

we went for a walk to safeway for some salsa and salad makings and had quesadillas, ceasar salad and watermelon for dinner - YUM!

it was just an all around good day.

bonus: these 2 had no cavities!
way to go boys!
no one cried, no one gagged (well, not too bad) and everyone got a new toothbrush, their very own tooth paste, floss and toy!

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