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Monday, June 7, 2010

attitude malfunction

i've been irritated all day long.

i got up late. and had lots of things to take care of before it was time to leave for school and didn't have as much time as i would have liked to do them.

so i took it out on everyone.

i threw a tantrum.

i shouted at andy.

i slammed things around.

i stomped up and down the stairs.

i barked orders and complained (loudly) that no one was doing what they were told/knew they needed to do.

and then i gave him a prickly kiss goodbye and raced out the door to drop off kids late to school.

i was in a huff and then i looked at the time ... i had 15 minutes before my meeting started ... so i stopped at home, left easton in the car with an "i'll be right back, stay in your seat." and i hurried inside, up the stairs, into my room where he sat ... nearly in tears ... i made him get up (sweaty body from his workout) and gave him a hug. apologized for blaming him for my problems and for shouting at him. told him it was not his fault and that i am sorry. and i am.

but the rest of the day wasn't much better ...
RS Presidency meeting 9:30 - 11:20 ...
11:45 pick up girls for simultaneous cavity extraction/filling appts at 12:00 ...
back to school at 1:00 ...
home for quiet time with the boys (during which i fiddled on the computer/sent emails and replied to messages instead of slept like i wanted to) ...
pick up the girls at 3:25ish ... ("what's for snack? can i play outside? when's dinner? what are we having? can i have some gum? i don't have any homework ... ")
tried to lay down for a power nap at 4:15 ...
first t-ball practices at 4:45 and 5:30 on the muddiest field in the whole state of washington (gross.)
hurried home for chicken-on-the-bone (aka: rottisserie chicken) and watermelon dinner ...
hurry and clean up for 7:30 choir concert
and then home for ice cream "cuz it's family night and i did so good at my concert"
prayers and in bed at 9:00ish.

i'm still irritated. bugged. angry at the world?! working on my most loathed mom-job - the laundry - and blogging about my bad attitude.
could it be that i'm PMSing? nope, just finished with that (sorry for the TMI).
could it be that i didn't get enough sleep last night? possibility ...
could it be that i'm not coping very well with an impending major change in my otherwise happy existence? maybe (it's easy to blame! it's all your fault!)

mostly i'm just going to have to get glad again ... but maybe i'll have a cathartic little cry first.

come back tomorrow ... i'll have found my happy place again.


Colleen said...

We definitely all have those days, no real reason, just a major case of the grumpies. I hope today is much better, friend!

Amanda said...

Thank you for having a day like that...and for posting about it. I am so glad to know I'm not the only one. My blames are usually lack of sleep and lack of sunshine. Even the most positive and energetic of people (YOU) are bound to have bad days once in a while. Hope today is lighter in so many ways!

nicki said...

Umm, yikes. I don't want to be responsible for THAT day! yikes, that was a doozy!