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Thursday, June 17, 2010

stitches and the rainforest

Andy took the boys to the chiropractor so I could go visiting teaching and after just 5 minutes in the office (copay paid but no popping) there was an incident ... in Easton's words: "He pulled me to the toys and I spilled my water and when he runned away he slipped on the floor and hurt his lip on the wall ... and that's what happened."
and then ...

Abi's class had a final class project of turning their room into a rainforest.  They each picked an animal that lives in the rain forest and researched, studied and reported on it.  They were to make 3D animals and have a display for their animals.  Tonight was the parent's opportunity to tour the classroom, it was fun to visit and Abi did a great job ... as per usual!

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