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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Graduates

 2 days 2 graduations ...

Ammon graduated from Preschool!!  He's on to Kindergarten and can't wait!  He asked me if he starts Kindergarten tomorrow ... "um tomorrow is Saturday ... "
"on the next marrow?"
"then it's Sunday ... "
"on Monday??"
"sorry ... you have to wait until after Easton's birthday ... the beginning of September ... sorry buddy."

Today was the Interpreter Pinning Ceremony, Andy finished the ITP (Interpreter Training Program)!!  He only has 2 (maybe 3) classes and then he will have his AA.  Humanities, Linguistics and maybe Math ... if he doesn't test high enough.  Cross your fingers for him!  It's been a struggle but amazing and frustrating but rewarding, and we're so happy he did it!  The teachers and his peers have nothing but wonderful things to say about him.  His teachers were happy to have someone closer to their own age in the class, and the students looked up to him and enjoyed getting to know this 'old guy' in their class.  He is wonderful and he did it!!  Good job, babe!

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