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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

what?? fashion don't?!

I texted my 2 best friends about these shoes ... "what do you think?!"
one sent back: "So cute!"
but the other had a little more to say ... "Um ... maybe with the right outfit ... "

So i donned my new sherbet colored shirt and sent

"How bout this?"

"Um ... no ... you don't match your shoes to your shirt ... unless they are black."
"and are they shiny?"

hm ... i said ...
"i think the term you were searching for is patent leather"

"no ... shiny is the term ... bleh"

texting still. "what? you don't like them? what can i say ... i'm just your country bumpkin friend!"

"country pumpkin ... "

HA! You just made a funny!!
Maybe if i accessorize with a little bit of Sammoon!?

ooo and i'm LOVING this orange purse!!
by the way: the darling orange shoes cost me all of $3 - not bad!!


Jennalee said...

is that the shirt I sent? I think they are cute... and ditto on the bag :) is that SamMoon?

Amanda said...

I love the shoes! Haven't you seen "What not to wear"? Matchy-matchy is out, complementing colors are in. You can wear those shoes with anything! They add a pop of color--and honestly, a pop of Emily to your outfits. Enjoy your summery shoes!

Colleen said...

The shoes are cute! And I love the ring...so pretty!

Chalonn said...

the shoes are fabulous!!! TRULY! Keep them but I agree..you don't have to match! And yes...get the purse!! So you!

Quigley Family said...

For the record the picture did not show up shiny on my phone. I think you can wear them but not with orange...I agree complementing colors. White, brown and great...they will be fun for summer. I thought they were ballet flats. Next time I need to ask more find out quesions. Did you mention that the price was very right? Because that makes them do-able. Can't wait to see them. For the record I love orange.

Tiffany said...

Pinks, fushas, blue, the right yellow all look awesome with orange. And that ring, or pin or orange necklace could totally tie it together.

tricki_nicki said...

Two words: Oh dear.