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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5 boys is easier than 2 ... phew ... but it's true!

at the library!
Tuesdays are fun days ... I so look forward to them! I swap with a friend of mine every Tuesday ... either she takes my 2 or I get her 3 ... she is brave and takes them to the library ... I'm not so brave and have them play here at our house. It works out quite nicely ... when I have all 5 of them here, we watch a show (diego or backyardigans), play with cars, run up and down the stairs, shoot guns (nerf or pop - nothing lethal), have a snack, and generally entertain/occupying/assassinate each other! What do they need me for? Oh that's right, I make the snack!!

It's awesome!

and these boys are honestly the easiest kids to have around!
Yeah for good friends!

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