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Monday, May 31, 2010

shaw-wright memorial day miracle

the day began with the pitter-patter of rain on the skylight in our bathroom ... we lazily enjoyed the music of memorial day morning and then realized we were late for breakfast with my parents!  we sprang into action getting dressed, reading scriptures, saying prayers and loading in the car the things we'd possibly need for the day ... umbrellas, coats, blankets, extra clothes, extra socks, etc.  breakfast was yummy (thanks papa!) and afterward we played a little hungry hungry hippo and catch phrase.  then it was time to head on our way.
we stopped in at Old Navy and got ourselves some flag shirts (bogo prices are the best!) and then headed to the wrights to begin this year's shaw-wright memorial day ... as we pulled into their driveway it was coming straight down and we hustled inside out of the torrential downpour. 
the kids played upstairs and down, watching a movie and playing with toys ... the rain didn't seem to bother them, nor the fact that they were trapped inside with the rest of us ... somehow that was only a problem for the grown ups ...
"if we go anywhere outside we're going to get wet, and anything to do inside is going to be crowded ... "
"let's go on the boat!!  it can't be that bad ... we can bring our own blue sky (a tarp) it'll be fun!!" 
"look up the weather ... "

and will wonder's never cease!?  it's like a little Memorial Day Miracle for us!!

Somebody knew it wouldn't be 'shaw-wright' memorial day if we couldn't have an adventure!

 we loaded up the kidlets, the babiest boys with the dads went to get the boat ... and the rest went with the moms to get dinner at safeway.  we took the boat out on Lake Washington and made our way past Mr. Gates home and under 520 ... past UW Stadium thru the Montlake Cut and under the Ship Canal Bridge into Lake Union.  We could see Gas Works Park and the sun was shining it was LOVELY, Magical even!!
our time was running short so we didn't make it to the Locks but decided that we should definitely do that if we get another sunny weekend before the wrights leave ...
Shaw-Wright Memorial Day 2010
all in all it was a wonderful day with wonderful friends and a wonderful tradition that we'll have to continue for many years to come ... just gotta relocate ourselves i guess!

our kids are getting so big!!

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nicki said...

Does anyone else here notice that I'm only a head taller than YOUR GIRLS!!?? Oh my gosh. and what the heck is Ryken doing? He's a weirdo.