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Saturday, May 22, 2010

fact or fantasy??

I haven't yet posted about my wonderful, amazing, can't-believe-it's-come-and-gone trip to Hawaii, I think I need to today ... it's been sunny around here lately (it's trying to be spring) but the warm is missing ... maybe these pictures will help warm me up!

It all started last June-ish ... a friend of mine called to ask me a 'strange and huge favor'.  She and her family were heading off to Hawaii for what may be the last time in for a while (dang economy!) and so this time they were taking their whole family - 4 kids; 12, 10, 8 and 5.  The dad was going to have to work for a portion of the time and she, my friend, was worried about being alone with 4 kids with so much water and people in a place where she couldn't control the environment like at home.  So 'would I like to come with them and be a kind of second mom/helper/friend?'  Would I be willing to ditch my own 4 crazies to spend a week in Hawaii??  Stay in the Hilton Hawaiian Village with them for free ... swim in the warm ocean, walk on the beach, hang out by the pool, play with the kids ... Oh and maybe Andy would maybe want to come and meet me after they leave and the 2 of us stay for a few more days!? 
This is a 'favor'!?  My kinda favor!!

I jumped at the chance!  Sept 2009 marked 10 years married and it had been my pie-in-the-sky dream to go to Hawaii for my 10 year anniversary - now things were falling into place for it to actually happen!

SO ... I left Nov. 1st, rode Hawaiian Air to Honolulu...

swam in the pool
played in the sand
I arrived to find that the hotel was magical, the pools (there were 3) and waterslides were fun and fantastic, we were practically on the beach, the salt water was blue and warm!! ... I had died and gone to paradise!!

we ...

climbed trees at a nearby park by the beach
rode the elevator several times a day ...
just for the fun of it

played cards while the warm rain fell.

and said goodbye all too soon!!  it's true that the time flies when you're having fun!!
stay tuned  ...
i'll be back with the shorter but more romantic part of my dream trip soon!

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