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Thursday, May 6, 2010

my favorite time of day ...

mom, tan i see hor phone while hor pushing da buttons?
Easton loves it when i text his name to Andy at night time ... He recognizes the 'E' and says that every word that starts with 'E' is his name - except when it's my name! (he knows that my name starts with an 'E' too because i write it when i sign him into the Y's adventure zone!) this picture is taken with my phone and the flash was SO bright we couldn't keep our eyes open!

He loves to sing at bedtime (or in the bathroom, or when it's just the 2 of us in the car, or when he's playing by himself ... never performing ... but he loves to sing!) and he has his favorite songs ... this one is one of my favorites!!

"i'm so dad when mommy tums home,
dad as i tan be!
tap my hans and shout for joy
and time up on her knee.
put my arms ahound her neck,
hud her tight hike dat,
pat her cheek and dive her what?
a date bid kiss!!"

i need to post the video ... his face is the best part!

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Angie said...

Emilee used to think the same thing about the letter E. She was always so excited when her name was written all over the place.

Also, last Sunday Easton raised his hand during singing time. I called on him and he shared that song with the whole primary. It didn't exactly help us learn the song we were working on, but it was pretty darn cute.