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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

if only the internet would have worked at the church building where i was supposed to teach a class about using the church website ...

I would have shown them all of this!!
Points that I tried to cover:

www.lds.org front page is very comprehensive … many things that you might need and news/recent information … regularly changed. (bread crumbs are at the top left to show you where you've been and are links to click back too!)

Stake and Ward Websites (right sidebar) – (need information to log on) Ward webpage
Calendar, Membership Directory, Stake Home (other ward websites are available - only within our stake)
About the Church – Humanitarian Service – How can I help? – Make humanitarian aid kits
Gospel Library – Search Gospel Library
Gospel Library – General Conference – English – 180th Annual … April 2010
Family History and Temples – Temples around the world
Home and Family – Family Home Evening
Serving in the Church – Relief Society
News and Events – Calendar or Newsroom …

These were my notes ... I hope everybody was curious enough to go home and look at it for real! there really is a LOT of really good/helpful/wonderful/amazing stuff there!

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Amanda said...

Oh no! I hope it all went well in spite of the lack of internet...