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Saturday, May 15, 2010

a squeak under the hood?

Andy and I went on a date tonight and the car battery was not doing well ... mind you it's the stock battery on a 2005 van and everything is electric ... the doors, windows, locks, DVD player, sunroof, radio, 6 CD disk changer, backup camera, GPS ... all electric ... battery powered ... battery sucking functions. So we made it home and he went to Walmart and got a new battery and brought it home to swap out the old for the new ... no big deal. It's not a coincidence that Andy rhymes with 'handy' ... really what would I do without him?

So he unscrews, unlatches, un-does whatever to get the battery off (i didn't watch - i have no real idea what he did ... but the old battery was removed) and it's really heavy so he uses his big burly muscles (swoon) to lift it out and lo and behold ...

tucked under the battery ... (we think it fell there) near the tranny (that's shop talk for transmission) we found this:

go ahead ... say it ... GROOOSSSSS!!
That's what I said! Does that mean there is a dead mouse somewhere inside my car!?!?!?!?

We hope not ... Andy's pretty sure that there would be a terrible stink if there was a dead something in my car ... at least he assumes ...

pray for me.


Amanda said...

We had a mouse in our car once. It climbed in and ate a PowerBar in our glove compartment while we were camping. We didn't actually see it...we just found the cute little bite marks ALL over the PowerBar. Since we were driving at the time, it creeped me out and I was sure it was going to jump out of somewhere at any moment and cause chaos. But, that never happened. Seemed it was a temporary visitor. I hope yours was, too!

Angie said...

I know someone who has a dead mouse in her car. The car has been stinking for quite some time, at least a week or two. So if there were a dead mouse in there somewhere, I think you would know.

photograffiti said...

wait. what i dont get is how the mousetrap even got there. i feel like that in itself is weird.