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Saturday, May 1, 2010

all dressed in white

Elyssa was baptized today by her dad. She has a book that helped her prepare ... it has scriptures to read and things to think about ... places to write her feelings. There is a place for her parents to write down how they felt and to record their testimony. Before I put pen to paper I wanted to type it out ... I'm much better at typing than writing!
My feelings of the day ... I started out feeling confident - knowing that we'd make it to the building on time, ready for the baptism without a glitch. My confidence turned to anticipation and eagerness when your dad was a little late arriving home ... but then relieved that we ended up getting to the building with plenty of time. I had remembered to have you bring the things you needed and I was prepared to do the things I was going to do. I felt happy that our friends had come and that even though Granny was sick she felt that it was important enough to be there. I felt the Spirit when Sister Greely talked about Baptism and the promises that we make when we are baptized. The words she said were true and I felt good inside. I felt happy that Nicki was willing to sing at your baptism, she really loves you and was so happy to be a part of this day with you. I felt so good inside when you went down into the water with Dad and he baptized you with the power of the Priesthood, and especially happy that we have a Dad that holds the priesthood and can bless us. I felt the Spirit while Sister Davis talked about the Holy Ghost and I hoped that you would remember the things that she said. I remember feeling especially grateful that she had talked about how the Holy Ghost never wears out and that the more you listen to Him the better He works in your life. While Dad laid his hands on your head and gave you the Gift of the Holy Ghost, I was interpreting the blessing so that Ann could understand and I felt the Spirit as I repeated the words that Dad said to you. He and Heavenly Father love you SO much and I could feel that ... I remember hoping that you would remember that especially - that your Heavenly Father loves you! I felt the Spirit as Sister Nguyen stood and welcomed you to Primary ... I know you are already used to seeing her every week but she really loves the Primary kids and I can feel her love for you! I was happy that Brother Simpson was there to welcome you into the ward ... I know that you know him as Chad and that he's a good friend of ours ... but I felt the love from the Bishop as he welcomed you to the ward! I felt the Spirit very strong, and it made me cry a little, while I said the closing prayer. I know you made a wonderful decision to be baptized and I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ will be a strength and a protection to you if you continue to choose the right. I love you and I want what's best for you always!

This probably won't all fit on the few lines that are available in the book but now it's recorded and hopefully she will remember all the feelings she had on this special day.


Jennalee said...

happy baptism day! we are sorry to have missed it! thats a beatifully simple remembrance emmy!

Kedra Simpson said...

what a great day!! Congrats to Elyssa!