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Monday, May 17, 2010


They might want to wear something
a little more comfortable in the weight room.
Ya think?

"It's fun to stay at the Y M C A ... "

It's also fun to swim, workout, play in the adventure zone and do yoga
"at the Y-M-C-A-ay"!

I have been going the last few months fairly regularly and really liking the classes. I do a few different ones and they all 'kick my bum'!!

Lately especially I have been sore, tired and generally hurting all over - the good kind (as if there could be a 'good' kind of hurt). I have been doing a class called Peak Performance which is code for weights, cardio, and bum-kicking fun! Today we did a pyramid work out with 3 sets of weights ... light, medium and heavy. 12 reps with the light weights, 10 with the medium, 5 with the heavy, 10 with the medium, and 12 with the light weights. We worked shoulders, pecs, lats, biceps and triceps ... and my arms and back are pretty much jelly at this point. I surprised myself alittle in class ... I didn't wuss out of any of the exercises and between the pyramids we did some cardio that was fun!

Wednesdays I like to do the Cardio Blast class which is a fancy name for step aerobics! It took me a while to not feel totally uncoordinated and I still mess up a LOT ... but I have fun and the teacher is great!

Fridays is another Peak Performance with the same teacher that does step and she's fun! I like her and she keeps the workout fun ... kinda don't feel like I'm really working all that much until the next day when I realize I have worked muscles in places I didn't know I had!

Ideally I would be doing cardio (ie: the eliptical that is in my bedroom) daily ... babysteps!!

I am telling you all this for a reason ...

I need to lose weight ... I want to lose more weight than I have already lost (I used to be fatt-er - it's hard to believe, I know!) I want to be in a size that makes me want to buy clothes!

I'm working on it ... I need to work on it more ... but for the time being - I'm trying. Someday, sooner than later, I'll look in the mirror and wonder who that beautiful babe is staring back at me?!!

So, if you see me there, cheer me on and I'll do the same for you! Go Team!!


Whimsy said...

I promised myself when I started working out in January that I never again wanted to feel like I was going to VOMIT when I was done with a work out. I literally wanted to DIE that first week. And the second. Possibly the third. Each time I feel like I don't want to exercise I just remind myself of that moment of DEATH PLEASE TAKE ME and it's just enough to get me going.

I'm totally cheering for you!

Colleen said...

Hey, the first step is going, and the second is loving it! You are doing both!!! The weight is going to start dropping off that hot bod of yours! Whenever I have a good, hard workout that song "Hurt So Good" gets stuck in my head. It sure does, doesn't it?!

Aunna said...

I think you look fantastic! And I enjoy seeing you in class. I will try peak performance again soon... maybe.