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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo! ... it's already been a week since i turned 34?

We started this morning by reading the first 5 verses in 1st Nephi ... it is our first day since we committed to be a part of this:

As part of our September 2009 Everett Stake Conference, President Duce extended the following invitation to the stake membership with regards to studying The Book of Mormon as a family:

1. Get a paperback copy of The Book of Mormon for each member of the family and write your name in it
2. Meet as a family and decide what time of day you will read from The Book of Mormon as a family
3. Get four different colored marking pencils for each family member
4. As you read, highlight in different colors:
a. Each reference to Jesus Christ (any of His names or pronouns referring to Him)
b. His words (spoken by Him or by prophets when they say “thus saith the Lord” or similar)
c. His attributes
d. The doctrines and principles contained in The Book of Mormon
During the General Session of Stake Conference this morning (April 18th), President Duce again extended this invitation in support of the stake focus - Increasing Faith in Jesus Christ through Daily Scripture Study and Praying with Real Intent. We join with President Duce in inviting each of you to accept this challenge of reading and marking The Book of Mormon with your families as outlined above. We know that doing so will be a blessing to your families and will bring you closer to our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

We raised our hands in Sacrament Meeting just last Sunday and committed to do it!

Then I dropped kids off at school and headed to my hard core step class ... (and yes ... my teacher kicked my bum today ... if you were wondering!)
I hurried home to shower and get ready for Visiting Teaching and then hurried to get Ammon from school!
We dropped off our friend that we carpool with and headed to lunch!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Hooray for Taco del Mar!
34 is a little young to be having actual heart attacks ...
But this kind i could have everyday!!
My friends are so nice!!
The booger one was one of the funniest! I also liked the one that said "get out your lawn chair and pretend you're in Hawaii! Thanks friends! You're the best!


tricki_nicki said...

I love all your pictures! Happy 34 bestie! So glad you always turn old before me...

Tiffany said...

Heart attacks are so funny, I thought only the dorks in Utah did that! Tee hee. Happy Birthday!