i've been counting down since last Dec 26 ... are you ready? me neither!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

big birthday bash!!

the whole gang!

daddy had surgery on thursday - no playing for him.

even the big kids played!
the best idea ever! pump it up was a hit! we all had so much fun!

elyssa turned 5 in april ... i like to tell myself that we were in the middle of possibly selling and then not selling and it just got overlooked ... but i think what really happened is this: i put off planning a party for her, she didn't press the issue and then i just didn't do it - not winning 'mom of the year' for that one! so instead we celebrated her half birthday! easton turned 1 the end of august, ammon turned 3 the end of september and abi will be 7 on the 27th. (stay tuned for the blog on that day - i already have the title ready!)
i think we'll do this again! the cake,ice cream and open presents time could have been smoother ... i need to figure out how to make that transition more controlled and methodical and less chaotic and disorganized. overall it was a GREAT time had by all!


iamjennycook said...

Looks like the party bash of the century. wish we could have been there! I feel so bad I forgot! Cute pic's.

nicki said...

That was an awesome birthday party. I love when the grownups just get to stand around and talk!

Tara said...

happy birthday to all the kids! Looks like fun...we love pump it up...Kyler and I go all the time for drop in playtime!!