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Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I forgot to share one important part of the 'lost tooth tale' - at one point in the evening, said tooth was in fact lost. Abi dropped it while showing it to her sister and we couldn't find it. She said, "Should we say a prayer, Mom? Heavenly Father will help us find it."
We, the 3 girls, knelt there on her bedroom floor and she prayed and thanked Him for her many blessings, that her tooth had come out but that she had lost it and needed help to find it.
Then we got up, moved the rugs and shook them, put our faces to the floor and carefully went to work in order to do our part. We know that when we pray and ask for help we have to do our part so that He can bless us. Not 5 minutes had passed and we had located the tooth again. With it held firmly in her palm she said, "We better thank Heavenly Father for his help."
We knelt again and she was the voice offering her thanks that we were able to find her tooth.
Sometimes moms are privileged to witness the lessons they have hoped to teach manifested in simple acts of faith demonstrated by our kids!


aliciadiane said...

gotta love when they get it...do you think the shaw girls can find me a husband?

Nicki said...

LOL!! I'm laughing so hard at Leesh's comment! And I love your girls, they're so sweet.

Super Angie said...

Thanks for the sweet story.

Mike & Kelly said...

Emily, maybe you need to come and teach me to be a good mom. Your kids are adorable.-Kelly