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Sunday, October 7, 2007

shaw family tooth fairy debut!!

See how loose it is - I can push it with my tongue!
Great Abi ... now it's time for bed!

Then she came running downstairs, "Mom LOOK!"

Abi finally let her daddy get his finger on that tooth! For 2 nights she traded stories for wiggles. It only took 7 stories ... 3 stories (then wiggles) on Thursday night and then 4 on Friday - with an extra quick flick to pop it out!
Abi got a "Tooth Fairy Pillow" on her 1st birthday from Grandma Shaw and has been waiting to use it for a REALLY long time!
The Tooth Fairy let her keep her first lost tooth - to put it in her baby book. She also left a Sacajawea dollar! Pretty cool!
She came in at about 7:10 this morning
"Mom, the Tooth Fairy came!!"
Thus begins a new chapter in the book of life here at the Shaw household.

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