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Monday, October 29, 2007

family night, jack-o-laterns and ghost candle jars!

a cute story i read a while back: A lady recently being baptized was asked by a co-worker what it was like to be a Christian. She replied, "It's like being a pumpkin: God picks you from the patch, brings you in, and washes all the dirt off that you may have gotten from the other pumpkins. Then he opens you up and scoops out all the yucky stuff. He removes the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc. Then He carves you a new smiling face and puts His light inside of you to shine for all the world to see."

on that note: for family night we carved our pumpkins!

after the kids went to bed i made these:

it's ripped masking tape and construction paper! easy, quick and cute huh?!


Jennalee said...

I love the BOO! how cool, we didn't get to ours with the cupcake making and delivering, so we may have to copy some of your ideas...also, I'm headed to clean out the pickle jar in the fridge...is that what the big one is? cute cute cute!

Nicki said...

What fun ideas you have! The masking tape luminaries are way cute. We have to carve our pumpkins tonight...should be crazy! And that was a cool analogy...perfect for Halloween!

aliciadiane said...

Darling...wish I was there!!!

iamjennycook said...

We too attempted the jackolantern jars and they are very cute. I ran around all morning of my party looking for jars and making calls. My procrastination did not pay off! oh well, atleast I have a good idea for next year! Your pumpkins turned out cute!