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Sunday, October 7, 2007

no need to 'police your brass'

Tonight we met at Wade's Gun Range. The Wrights with their semi-automatic handgun and Andy with his 44-Magnum Black Ruger (think John Wayne). Andy's has a serious recoil but with 2 hands and a little muscle it's fun and accurate to shoot. You have to cock it each shot and it only has 6 shots before you have to reload. Trav's is definitely lighter and easier to shoot - I did pretty good - after I figured out how to aim and told myself to 'relax'.

Husbands preparing
Nicki did REALLY good! She's gonna get a t-shirt that says "Don't Mess" with a picture of her target that has holes all thru the middle.
I didn't shoot anyone, guess that means I did good.
Nicki and Trav - the muffs are so cute huh!?
Aren't we cute?!

We had a great time and took some good pictures - too bad there aren't any from the front. They don't allow people out in the range - even if you have a camera.
Something about people shooting real guns with real bullets ...


Nicki said...

I love the way you tell our stories! It was SO much fun...we have to do it again soon.

Colleen said...

OK, now you are scary! I'm never messing with you!

Nephilim Breeder, Mother of the Scourge said...

Now that's my kind of night. I love the final shot of both of you. Andy is so comical in his "why more pictures?" look! I would love to see a shot of you with the gun up like you see in all those action movies. Your hair perfect, except for one strand in your eyes and your mouth in a snarl as if to say "Angelina Jolie, eat your heart out!"