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Thursday, October 11, 2007

on being a muggle ...

to clarify - i have no special powers, not a single trick. i don't wear a cape or have a wand, i've never been to Hogwarts or met with the Super Friends at the Hall of Justice. i am just like every other mom out there trying to do the best and constantly gleaning great ideas from the blogging mommies that i frequent.
my kids came hardwired with all their greatness and not so greatness :o) in fact, at times i'm ready to sell them to the circus. but when they retain and recall the things that i'm trying to teach - i remember that they really are sent from heaven.
i love to learn from them the simple truths that i'm sure i knew when i was young but my grown up brain has forgotten.
may we all take a lesson from these wonderful, crazy little friends that grace our homes!
(i love to read all about yours - please enjoy reading about mine!)


Abi said...

What a great post. Thank you for that quote by Mother Teresa . . . it touched my heart and was perfect for this moment. I really apreciate it!

Super Angie said...

Hey! You are Super Emily.... speaking of super...you haven't visited (or at least haven't commented on my blog for months! Whats up? ;) )

You are a great mom Em!