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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

hay rides, pumpkins and apple cider (should have brought some!)

We were up and out at 9:55 AM on Saturday headed to The Farm, we have made it a tradition to go the weekend closest to Alicia's birthday and pick our pumpkins, go on the hay ride and take some really fun pictures!
The sun was shining and glorious when we left home and headed north on Highway 9 ... we looked toward Snohomish and were greeted by a BIG CLOUD that had taken up residence right in the valley! OH NO!! Fog is not fun and what's worse you can't take good pictures in it! I called Alicia - she convinced me that it would burn off and sure enough, by the time we finished visiting the animals and got Abi to stop crying about wanting to take a kitty home, it was sunny and warm! Halleluiah!!
So here are some of the good ones ... there's so many to pick from! I love the fall colors and the farm always makes me smile!

And now my display out front looks complete!

(until we carve them up!)


http://iwright.wordpress.com/ said...

Good times at the farm! I love us!

Super Angie said...

Your front porch is darling! And what fun photos. Nothing better then hayrides and pumpkins!

iamjennycook said...

Your pic's are so cute! Sounds like a really fun tradition - and holy crap nicki has/or had braces?! When did this occur?!