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Friday, October 12, 2007

mid-week escape

There really is nothing like a mid-week belated anniversary get-away to recharge the batteries. My mom was in true 'Angel-Mindy' form when she rushed up here to stay with our 4 little busybodies after a week in Utah caring for her mom. She went from a fairly sedentary Grandma Jenny to our full-throttle pandemonium!

We used mom's Worldmark points and got a room at the Camlin - it used to be a hotel downtown Seattle with the Cloud Room Restaurant on top. It's been converted and renovated and the Cloud Room is now 3 Penthouses and 1 Suite with a small observation/lounge room. (Andy worked on the restaurant's fire system when he worked for the Safety Team.)

Our room was a studio with a Queen size murphy bed. It was perfect. I think I should put a murphy bed in my room! Shoot - all you have to do is pull up the covers and fold up your bed! Nothing collects under there and nobody knows if it's made properly or not ... PLUS look at all the space you save!

We arrived at the Camlin at about 5:30 took our stuff in and had a tour of the hotel - the bellboy gave us a 'grand' tour and told us all the original Camlin trivia. The original doorknobs are framed next to each room. It's kinda cool, all the history wrapped up in that place!

We went into our room ...

The "view" will soon be gone due to the high rise hotels and condos going up all around the Camlin. Back in the day it was a 'high rise hotel' maybe even part of the sky line - not anymore! It will soon be dwarfed!
We made our way to dinner downtown ... we know what we like and look! they have one of these on the waterfront!!

We drove around town after dinner and did a little car sightseeing - pretended we were tourists! Then headed back to the hotel to have a little sparkling cider and clink our glasses to 8 years!

We didn't get out of bed until 9am! That's sleeping in! Although the construction woke me just before 7 - similar to my kids ... but all I had to do was shut the windows and the noise was muffled sufficiently to catch a few more winks. We got up, showered, dressed, checked out and headed to Pike Place Market had a breakfast bagel YUM!

Took a leisurely walk thru the market

Then went up to the Seattle Center - in true tourist fashion we were going to go up the Space Needle but couldn't bring ourselves to pay $16 PER PERSON ... maybe I'll save my pennies and we can do it next summer with my sister when they come!

We ended the day with a late lunch at our fave fast food restaurant!!

And a date wouldn't be complete if we didn't end up at Wal-mart! We had to pick up some baby medicine and wander around to see all the crazies that shop there! (don't mind that I'm one of those on an almost daily basis!)

It was a great little hiatus for us! If I had my way, we'd have one of these short get-aways every 6 months ... maybe when the kids are older and easier to manage! 8 years down and an eternity to go!


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Nicki said...

Before you know it it'll be 10 years, then 20. And there will be no one to wake us at 7am! And there will be no one to wake us at 7am. :( But hooray for 8 years!

Tara said...

Sounds so fun...love those get-aways!! Miss you...it was so fun to see you and hang out! Hope I will see you next month at Alli's wedding!!
Congrats on 8 years!! :)