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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

tagged - My Six

Super Angie tagged me - i like to do these because they make me think and blog about things out of the ordinary. so here's goes!

1. I absolutely love... Christmas! I am one of those crazies that goes out for the After-Christmas-Sales ... clad in my football shoulder pads so that i don't get hurt by all the other over-zealous shoppers! (just kidding) but i do have a count down on my calendar that starts the day after Christmas! in a perfect world i would have been preparing all year long - this year my sister and i even worked up a schedule to do prep work by the 25th of each month ... it worked for a few months here and there ... but you know we're celebrating the mayhem around here!

2. I don't care if... it rains. i have lived in the Seattle area for most of my life and the rain is all part and partial to the whole green-ie gig. we may be wet but there is NO prettier place than Seattle when the sun shines! besides, we know that if you don't do it in the rain ... you just plain don't do it when you live here!

(i changed this one ... there were 2 'i loves')
3. I like to... read. i want to read, i try to read, i wish i had time to read. if i could have a few more hours in the day i would!!

4. I play... cards and board games with my friends 'the party'; 'tackle' with Ammon; counting/math games with Abi; roll the ball with Easton; playdoh with Elyssa; and Bubble Breaker on Andy's phone!

5. I have a horrible habit of... eating. seriously - my eating habits are TERRIBLE and i really need to change them. i need boot camp. don't get me wrong - i'm not 300lbs or anything ... i'm just holding on to about 10 lbs from each pregnancy ... which means, yes, 40 lbs!!

6. I love to... spend time with Andy. even if we are just at home folding laundry or if i'm riding along as his carpool buddy. i love to go away with him too ...

I tag Alicia, Nicki, JennyCook and Jennalee.

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Super Angie said...

I just now saw this. Great Tag!